20 - 24 of August 2019
Island De Kluut, Biddinghuizen NL
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We, as Ingewikkeld, organise WeCamp and that makes us proud. Very proud. Due to our small scale, we offer you a unique experience with all the personal guidance and care we think you might hope for. Unfortunately, our small scale makes it even the harder to keep WeCamp running. As we see the aftermath unfold on Twitter, in all these blog posts, on Slack, and elsewhere, we are genuinely convinced that WeCamp makes a difference in our lives, and your lives. Therefore, we do think WeCamp should continue to make that difference.

To make sure everyone can join WeCamp and make a change for themselves and for others, we are hesitant to raise the attendance fee. However, we do ask you for a favour.

If, and only if, you can spare it, will you help us continuing WeCamp by making a (small) donation?

Using Bank Transfer Payment

You can send us a tip using a Bank Transfer Payment to bank account NL02RABO0336202407 directed at Ingewikkeld with the phrase Donatie WeCamp 2019 in the description.

Using Paypal

Or if you prefer to use Paypal you can do that using the button below.