20 - 24 of August 2019
Island De Kluut, Biddinghuizen NL
Our Island

Yes, you read that right. WeCamp has its own island. In the beautiful Veluwemeer (Veluwelake), just off the coast of Harderwijk and Biddinghuizen lies a lovely small private island called "De Kluut". This inspiring place will be your home for almost a week.


The campsite on the island consists of a range of (tipi-style) tents which include real beds (this style of camping is called glamping). There is a big lounge tent which will allow you to relax and sit around a campfire. In another tent we'll have the food area. The island is equipped with a block of 4 private shower/toilet cabins.


We have a limited availability of electricity (power is generated by solar panels with a generator as backup), but in previous years we have had no power issues. You need to assume though that electricity may be interrupted at any given moment for a short period of time (so don't bring your desktop computer).