20 - 24 of August 2019
Island De Kluut, Biddinghuizen NL

Dear employer,

Let your developers learn the tricks of the trade from experienced peers by giving them a chance to work together, guided by a professional coach.

As a company owner, I see that full-day courses are generally boring and expensive. WeCamp is an incredible opportunity for my developers to learn in a fun-filled way at a very affordable price.

Ramon de la Fuente, CEO at Future500

In short, WeCamp offers:

  • A safe, isolated, worry-free location for your developers to work on their skills
  • The chance of developing both tech and non-tech skills
  • Exchanging knowledge with other developers to broaden their horizon
  • Personal coaching for the short-term: Setting a goal, active coaching on the island
  • Personal coaching for the long-term: Setting goals, a (Skype) feedback moment some months after WeCamp
  • All steps of development, from concept development through planning and development to presentation

Standup at WeCamp 2017

The long version:

I've learned to better recognise what I find important in a team and how I can effectively communicate with different kinds of people.

Pascal de Vink, Lead developer at AutoTrack.nl

5-day Coding Retreat
WeCamp 2019 is 5-day coding retreat on a private island. Your developers will be teamed up with 4 others and a personal coach to create fantastic software. In just under five days, they'll go from a new software concept to a working product and experience all stages of the process.

First of all, the team comes up with an idea. The next step is to specify who the product is for and what it should be doing to produce the most value to the end-user. We believe that developers can get a lot out of this part of the event. Who are we targeting? What do we want them to achieve using our product? And how will our target group incorporate our product into their existing routines?

As an architect helping all kinds of teams, I see a lot of skilled people staying indoors, never meeting developers from other companies and with other skill sets and experiences. There's so much to learn!

Mike van Riel, architect at Ingewikkeld and coach at WeCamp 2014

After that, it's implementation time. Will the team work iteratively or cascading? What measures do they take to make sure their released software works as advertised? What's their best way of working together and keep everyone focused? What kind of communication does an immersive project like this require? All these choices are theirs to make. Again, with the continuous help of their personal coach!

On the very last day of WeCamp, all teams will present their working product to their peers.

Personal Coaching

During the week on the island, the coaches will help your developer create a personal development plan, so they can continue improving after they have left the island. Additionally, about a month after WeCamp finished, there will be an online session for your developer with their coach to review how WeCamp affected their work.

On Saturday, every attendee leaves with a certificate of attendance.

One of the teams at WeCamp 2017

Not only will they use tools they haven’t used before, but they will also learn new methods they’ve never used. It forces them out of their comfort zone.

Frank van den Brink, Founder of Pragmatist and coach at WeCamp 2014
Help your developers reach the next level

The five days on the island are an intensive learning experience on: understanding and creating business value, technical and social skills, teamwork, and project management.

WeCamp invites all developers to join and learn. In a very small setting of only 25 attendees, your developer will have plenty of time to meet with new people and see which experiences worked for them and which didn't.

And after a week of WeCamp, all this experience will be coming back with them!