The WeCamp Experience
August 18 - 22, 2020 WeCamp 2020 has been cancelled. Read more - Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

The WeCamp Experience

Learn from the experiences of peers and a professional coach. Get a sneak peek into the kitchen of others.

WeCamp 2020 is 5-day coding retreat on a private island. You will be teamed up with 4 others and a personal coach to create the fantastic software that you've always wanted to build. In just five days, you'll start with an idea, transform it into a new software concept and develop it into a finished product.

Learning about Software Development, from start to end

It all starts with an idea, and as a team, you'll have to come up with one by brainstorming or bringing your own ideas to the island. The next step is to specify who the product is for and what it should be doing to produce the most value to the end-user. We believe that you can get a lot out of this part of the event. Who are we targeting? What do we want them to achieve using our product? And how will our target group incorporate our product into their existing routines?

After that, it's implementation time. Will you work iteratively or cascading? What measures do you take to make sure their released software works as advertised? What's the best way of working together and keeping everyone focused? What kind of communication does an immersive project like this require? All these choices are yours to make. Again, with the continuous help of your personal coach!

On the very last day of WeCamp, all teams will present their working product to their peers.

Personal coaching

During the week on the island, the coaches will help you create a personal development plan, so you can continue improving after you have left the island. Additionally, about a month after WeCamp finished, there will be an online session for you with your coach to review how WeCamp affected their work.

On Saturday, you leave with a certificate of attendance.