23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th August 2016
Island De Kluut, Biddinghuizen NL
The WeCamp Challenge

One of the reasons for us to organize WeCamp is to make people step out of their comfort zone and learn new stuff. We've decided to try and get even more people to do this, also outside of WeCamp. As such, we've decided to organize the WeCamp Challenge. A challenge you can do from home and with which you can win awesome prizes.

We want you to be creative

The world can never have enough creativity. It's one of the things we cherish most organising WeCamp. The level of creativity displayed in the projects, thought up and built in a single week, is amazing every single time!

The Challenge

The Winners


Joshua Thijssen

Mike Chernev

Jeroen de Jong

Randy Geraads

Joralf Quist

The Prizes

Drone with camera

Fly your drone and get the images from that flight with this awesome drone. This is the most ultimate geek toy these days, and you can win it. Be creative and give us your best solution!

BBQ Notebook

In the past two years of WeCamp, the BBQ has become a tradition. It is a moment of reflection, food and drinks for all attendees. We're sharing the joy of BBQ with this ultimate portable BBQ. And while portable, we'll sort the BBQ for WeCamp, so you don't have to bring this one to our island.

LED umbrella

Sometimes it rains, that is pretty much a fact of life. You can choose to become really wet, or you go all Star Wars on the weather by using this awesome LED umbrella. If you decide to come to WeCamp, you will be the coolest person on the island if it rains. Of course we hope it actually won't.

Hammock for your feet

What better way to rest your feet than sitting at your desk, working on your computer (or playing games of course) and having your feet in a hammock beneath your desk? It works in the office, at home or even at WeCamp! If you win it and have a WeCamp ticket, this will be the perfect way to make your team members regret they didn't bring one too.

Metal 3D puzzle

Puzzles are so 1980, 3D puzzles so '00s. This price beats it all by being made from metal. It looks good, is quite solid and of course is a bit of a challenge, just the way we like it at WeCamp. This ferris wheel will look cool on your desk, and will show off your awesome 3D puzzle skills.