This was WeCamp 2015


People wrote about WeCamp. Here is a collection of blogposts about WeCamp 2015.

Edwin Kortman did a series of 5 blogposts, each about one day of WeCamp 2015.

One Two Three Four Five
This week influenced me beyond my summarising skills. I went in there to change things and I know that I will change things. It's almost surreal to think that strangers can do that to you. Heck, they are not strangers any longer. They are friends now, who share a passion.

Ben Peachey did a series of blogposts for the first four days of WeCamp 2015.

One Two Three Four
We came up with a quick plan of attack and after identifying possible risks to our endeavour and set to work, creating a Proof-of-Concept.

Coach Stefan Koopmanschap did a series of blogposts about his experiences on the island.

One Two Three Four Five
Being the coach of this team is an interesting experience. On the one hand, I am here to observe my team members so I can advise them in their further (personal) development as well as help them.

Our sponsor Enrise has written about WeCamp on their blog

WeCamp 2015, the unusual conference
It’s definitely not a regular conference where you sit back and listen. Here you work with 30 other developers on projects guided with experienced coaches.

Last year's coach Frank van den Brink joined us as participant this year and blogged about it on the Pragmatist blog.

We went to WeCamp '15
You share your own personal development goals with your teammates, and you challenge each other to reach those goals. Nobody judges anybody. People naturally allow themselves to be vulnerable. Egos are tossed aside. Assumptions are challenged. You are encouraged to try new things. To not be afraid of failure.

Ramon de la Fuente was a coach, and wrote about his experience on dev-human.

I camp, You camp, We camp at WeCamp15!
WeCamp has been the single most important catalyst of my personal and professional growth.Twice.

Pim was on Ramons team and wrote about how he became more confident about his own skills.

WeCamp 2015
The main goal since 2014 is expanding my comfort zone and not to be insecure about my technical skills or soft skills. WeCamp has made me understand that this goal is achievable - and is not hard at all.

The Pirate Game Movie

We didn't just code, we also became real pirates. Here's the movie that documents that adventure. Thank you Pragmatist for making all of us pirates.


People also tweeted (a lot!) about WeCamp 2015. We've collected some awesome tweets about the event.


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